What are the best things to do in Matunga in Mumbai?

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Rakhee Ghelani

Matunga is a suburb located mid-town in Mumbai.  It is quite popular with locals both for its cultural aspects, there are some lovely Hindu and Jain temples here, and also for its food.  Three of the best things to do here are:

1. Have Breakfast at Cafe Madras: This local cafe is not luxurious but has some of the best South Indian food you will find anywhere in the country.  For those that can handle their chilli, try the Mysore Dosa with some gunpowder on the side, or enjoy soft idli’s served with Sambar and an array of delicious chutneys.

2. Visit the Temples: There are several lovely temples in the area that are frequented by the local Gujarati and Jain communities. Visit the Kanyaka Parmeswari temple with its brightly carved facade and the Lakshmi Narayan Temple that stands out in brilliant hues of yellow.

3. Visit the Food and Flower Market: A melting pot of many Indian cultures, the food and flower market in Matunga is a fabulous place to enjoy the atmosphere, take in the aroma of all the different spices, learn about the typical local produce and stop to smell the flowers.

Matunga can be reached by car, which will take at least an hour from the Gateway of India or Colaba, longer if there is traffic.  Once you are near Kings Circle, the suburb is best explored by foot with plenty of locals around able to point you in the right direction.  Alternatively take a train to either Matunga Rd or Matunga station and walk from there.

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