What is Mumbai’s dining scene like?

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Rakhee Ghelani

Mumbaikar's love their food and pride themselves on having arguably the best dining scene in India.  As a hub for immigrants from all over India and the world, the city is a melting pot of cultures which has inflitrated its dining as well.  For a foodie, Mumbai is a dream to visit.

Whilst there are a wide variety of cuisines available in Mumbai, most are available at almost any budget. Mumbai is most famous for its local street food, such as the delicious Vada Pav (a popular vegetable snack served in a bun with fresh chutney) which can be found on most street corners. Whilst some care may need to be taken when eating street food, (a good rule is to stick to food that is hot and cooked in front of you), no visit to Mumbai is complete without experiencing it.   

Mumbai also has a thriving gourmet scene, with Michelin starred international chefs like Sergi Arola setting up restaurants here.  From Spanish to Dim Sum to the freshest Goan seafood specialities, the Mumbai dining scene is booming.  Every week sees a new round of restaurants opening up, catering to local and international palates. 

The best way to experience the Mumbai dining scene is to get out and try it.  Locals and your hotel will be able to provide recommendations of where is the best place to go to try any type of cuisine.  For some local specialities, try Chowpatty Beach for the street food or the Fort area for Parsi cuisine. 

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