What is the best way to see the Haji Ali Shrine in Mumbai?

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Rakhee Ghelani

Like an oasis rising out the sea, it is impossible to miss Haji Ali Mosque as you travel along the seaside road.  Located in central Mumbai near Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Haji Ali Durgah is one of the most popular tourist sites in Mumbai. Built in the 15th century this beautiful Mosque contains the tomb of the Muslim saint Haji Ali, whose casket miraculously floated and settled in this spot whilst on a journey to Mecca.

Sitting in the middle of the Bay, the mosque can be accessed by a concrete path that will take you from street side into the Arabain Sea but only at low tide.  At high tide the pathway is covered by water and access to the Mosque is not possible.

Whilst open everyday, the majority of pilgrims visit the Mosque on Thursday or Friday, when Sufi musicians also perform devotional music. Whilst anyone is welcome to visit Haji Ali Durgah, it is no longer possible for women to enter the inner sanctum.

Located in central Mumbai, Haji Ali Durgah can be reached by train, with the closest railway station being Mumbai Central Station.  It is also easily accessible by taxi or car. 

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