What is the best thing to bring home from Munich?

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Liz Humphreys
  • Liz Humphreys

  • Correspondent

  • Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Munich is known for more than just beer, so you will have a couple of souvenir options when visiting. Here are a few souvenirs of your time in Munich that the editors at Forbes Travel Guide recommend:
1. Beer mugs or glasses. You likely sampled beer in Munich, so why not continue your experience with real German beer mugs or glasses you can use at home?
2. Bavarian foods. Mustards, jams and gingerbread are all delicious Bavarian specialties that you can bring home with you. The Dallmayr delicatessen and the Viktualienmarkt are great places to find these scrumptious items.
3. Nymphenburg porcelain. Produced on the grounds of Nymphenburg Palace since 1761, you can find things like jewelry, table items and vases. They’re all crafted the old-fashioned way: by hand.

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