What are the five best Mykonos food experiences?

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Marissa Tejada

Mykonos prides itself on a few tasty specialties that you can rarely find on the mainland. Here are five that Forbes Travel Guide recommends you try while on the island:
1. Mykonos wine. The lone vineyard on the island, Mykonos Vineyard, produces white, red and rose wines from local grapes under three different labels. Varieties include aidani, athiri, assyrtiko, mandilaria, as well as cabernet and syrah.  
2. Louza. The local pork sausages can be added to Greek salads or ordered as an appetizer.  They are often seasoned with oregano and dipped in wine before being smoked.
3. Mykonos Pie. Greece is famous for its stuffed savory pies, which are filled with everything from feta cheese to spinach to leeks. On Mykonos the specialty is an onion pie called kremmydopita. The pies make for the perfect snack or breakfast.
4. Sweets. Look out for Greek almond cookies called amygdolata, which have a crunchy exterior and a chewy center. The traditional treat is sold in bakeries around Chora.
5. Ouzo and Octopus. Greeks love two things: ouzo and octopus. Make like the locals and sit down in a café at sunset and order both. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much ouzo when in Mykonos. Just ask the locals.

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