What is the best thing to bring home from Mykonos?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Marissa Tejada

The widely available windmill key chains will remind you of the island’s iconic sight, but something that is truly original to take home is some artwork from the island. The town’s cobbled streets are filled with galleries and shops that offer all kinds of unique and original treasures. The island is home to a sizeable community of artists from around the world and from mainland Greece. Its beauty inspires them to create gorgeous pieces of art — everything from paintings to sculptures — that pay homage to the unique energy and splendor they’ve discovered.  
Greece is also known for its jewelry, particularly anything that’s gold. Pick up a gold cuff or necklace. Of course, no trip to Greece is complete without picking up an evil eye charm. The glass blue charms are sold everywhere in Greece and you can buy them as bracelets, necklaces and pins to ward off curses. We also recommend buying a pair of Greek sandals, which are now sold in upscale department stores for hundreds of dollars. Pick them up off the street in Mykonos for 20 euros.

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