What is the best way to see Mystic in one day?

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Melanie Nayer

One of the best things about sightseeing in Mystic is the city’s size. Once you drive over the drawbridge into the center of town, it’s simple to park the car and set out for an exploration on foot. To see the best of Mystic, Connecticut in one day, start in Olde Mystic Village, the center of town where you’ll find many of the shops, restaurants and boutiques. Famous spots like Pizzetta’s (otherwise known as “Mystic Pizza”) and the dry docks, where you can board a boat for scenic tours of the bay, are located here, too. If you plan to visit the aquarium or any of the nearby amusement parks or casinos, you’ll need a car to get there.
We suggest you start your day in Mystic with a boat ride and historical tour of the town. After the 90 minutes on the water, regain your footing on land with a walk around town for some souvenir shopping. We particularly love the old silversmith stores, where you can buy charms for bracelets, estate jewelry and sterling silver pieces for your jewelry collection. For lunch, head to Pizzetta (otherwise known as “Mystic Pizza”) and share a pie. After lunch, hop back into the car and head to the outskirts of Mystic toward Watch Hill. Once you arrive in Watch Hill, you’ll have fabulous views of the Atlantic Ocean and find another small village where you can buy more local goods. In Watch Hill, we suggest you seek out some one-of-a-kind paintings by local artists, which you’ll find at the galleries in the town village. Don’t forget to make a reservation at Seasons, the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant at the Four-Star Ocean House. An evening of fine dining will likely put you in the mood for a night out, and some casino time at nearby Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun.

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