What are the best things to do with kids in Nantucket?

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Holly Finigan

As a pristine playground for adults and kids alike, Nantucket is the ultimate family-vacation destination. Here are five things to do to help you get the most out of visiting Nantucket with little ones:

1. The Juice Bar. Nothing says summer like a good ice cream cone. And there’s good reason why The Juice Bar on Broad Street has a line of kids from noon to night. Make sure to get whatever housemade flavor you favor in one of their huge waffle cones. The smell alone will make your mouth water.

2. Jetties Beach. This is the beach to go to with your children. Not only does the beach come with a restaurant with facilities, as well as a playground, but it is the ultimate stretch of sand for wading in the water. Come early to secure your spot; this beach is a hot spot for families and nannies.

3. Critter Cruise. Captain Josh of Monomoy Charters came up with one of the freshest things to hit the Nantucket waterfront in a long time: the Nantucket Critter Cruise. This one-hour trip on the water has the kids watching Captain Josh get fish traps and lobster gear out of the water, and a “touch tank” lets little ones get as close to the critters as they want. Add a fishing pole to the mix and let the kids catch their own fish. Bonus: Every kid on the Critter Cruise gets a T-shirt to wear home.

4. Petite Travelers of Nantucket. Carting all your kid toys and baby equipment on the ferry and then back again is a pretty big burden on your back. And who wants to spend money on toys, beach chairs and baby items that you already have at home or will just leave in your hotel or rental house? That’s why Nantucket has Petite Travelers, a baby equipment rental company where you can score all that kid gear, from strollers to beach chairs. There’s even a lemonade stand to keep the kids occupied while you shop.

5. NannyTucket. Looking for a parents’ night out and want to leave your kids in the hands of trustworthy caretakers? That’s what NannyTucket is for. This well-regarded babysitting service can help you find the right babysitters or nannies to keep your kids in good company while you need to work on vacation or just work at relaxing and enjoying a night out.

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