What makes Nantucket different from other destinations?

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Holly Finigan

Any place that is hard to get to is that much more worth it when you (finally) arrive. And this is just how you’ll find the island of Nantucket. Being thirty miles out to sea, there aren’t a lot of people making the trek unless they really want to experience Nantucket or they already have a firm love for the island. And people do love it: Nantucket is beautifully clean and boasts some of the best beaches in the world. The island is also full of locals who make a living painting the landscape, photographing weddings or catering to the summer crowd — you’ll find bartenders who “washed ashore” ten years ago and never looked back, as well as old souls who will tell you tall tales about what the island “used to be like” and how they preserve the land for the future.

Much of the island is (and will forever be) conservation land and the island’s people pride themselves on this. It is not an island for everyone, and that’s exactly the reason locals and loyal visitors like it. But if you love long stretches of pristine sand, cool dips in the endless Atlantic, world-class dining and a small-town feel topped off with a “slow down — this ain’t the mainland” mentality, Nantucket may just be the faraway land you’ve been searching for.

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