What is the food presentation like at The Restaurant at Meadowood?

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The impeccable food presentation at The Restaurant at Meadowood will likely impress you just as much as the delectable flavors of executive chef Christopher Kostow’s innovative cuisine.
Whether you’re dining from the nine- to ten-course Chef’s Tasting Menu, or the 20-course Chef’s Counter Tasting Menu, each dish will arrive to your table like a masterpiece on display at a modern-art museum. Serving plates and dishes are minimal in design, which helps keep the focus on Kostow’s intricate creations and their sophisticated interplay of flavor and texture. Together, the food presentation and flavors at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant are designed to intrigue the palate and create lasting food memories of your visit to this acclaimed Napa Valley restaurant.

Rob Harrison

Chef Christopher Kostow employs a flawless, innovative technique that never steals focus from the food. "Some chefs use technique to make things look unbelievably unique," he explains. "We put that on its head and say, 'We have all this ability and know-how and tools. Why don't we use technique to make food taste unbelievably good?'" One example the chef cites is an unassuming amuse-bouche, the baked potato parfait. "It looks pretty basic — just a white cup with a white espuma [foam] on top and a little caviar and oyster," Kostow says. "But it actually has six layers of potato goodness in each bite. People taste it and they love it."

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