What is the design style of Union Station Hotel?

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Claire Gibson

The Louisville & Nashville Railroad opened Union Station — the predecessor of Union Station Hotel — in 1900. Built with Kentucky limestone, the 247-foot structure was designed in the Romanesque style of architect H.H. Richardson. Inside, the 65-foot barrel-vaulted ceiling is adorned with 128 pieces of original stained glass, commissioned from the Luminous Prism Company, then a direct competitor of Tiffany. The original train schedule hangs just behind the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended hotel’s reception counter, and original bas-relief sculptures on the hotel’s north and south ends depict an Egyptian chariot (the first form of transportation) and a steam engine (which, at the time, was the most modern form of transportation). Twenty angels of commerce watch over the east and west walls. Each angel holds a different item representing the products that were transported by train during the turn of the 20th century.

Though the station was transformed into a luxury hotel in the mid-1980s, a 2007 renovation and redesign restored the building to its proper beauty, while transforming each of the hotel’s 125 rooms to ensure modern comfort for every guest. Details haven't been released for the revitalization project slated for late 2015, but rest assured it will help the property's achieve even more of its former grandeur.

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