What are some things to know before visiting Nashville?

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Claire Gibson

Nashville isn't a complicated city. We like music. We're friendly. We have a few attractions you just can't miss. But if you're headed to Nashville soon, here are a few tips from the insider's view:

1. Don't rely too heavily on public transportation. Taxis or a rental car will serve you better.

2. Get to know your way around. The highways are a little tricky—but a quick tip: I-40 runs east to west, I-65 runs north to south, and I-440 is like an underbellied mirror image of the Cumberland River. If you want to get downtown, just get on Broadway.

3. There are two cities—and both are worth seeing. There's old Nashville, which includesThe Grand Ole Opry, The Loveless Cafe, Broadway, Honky Tonks etc. Then there's new Nashville, full of young entrepreneurs, craft brewers and clothing designers. To find the "new," just head to a coffee shop and ask the barista. Chances are you'll find something great. 

4. Don't compare us to Austin. It's like saying Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have a lot in common. It may be true, but it's better to keep the analogy to yourself. I promise. 

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