What are the best neighborhoods in Nashville?

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There are only a few to choose from, but of course I love my neighborhood, 12 South. It has always reminded me of Potrero Hill in San Francisco. You can start on the north end and walk all the way to Sevier Park. You can get food, cocktails, see Imogene + Willie, drink coffee. You really can get a taste of a walkable neighborhood in Nashville.

I have a lot of them because every neighborhood is so different and good for certain things. East Nashville and Five Points I’ve really started to love because that’s where we’ve been working for a while. I live in Green Hills, which is about a five-minute walk from The Bluebird Cafe. There are some bars and stuff that are pretty cool, but it gets crowded and congested. It’s not exactly a tourist place. I like the bar scene and the nightlife in Midtown near Vanderbilt. I don’t like the places where you feel like you have to put on a nice shirt and slacks. I prefer the casual, divey-ier places. Midtown has a lot of places like that and I just feel a lot more at home there.

I live in East Nashville and I love it, it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods right now. Germantown is really cool. Hillsboro Village I like a lot; I lived there for a little while.

Claire Gibson

Ask anyone in Nashville, and they'll tell you their neighborhood is the best in Nashville. But the great thing about this little city is that it has these mini-boroughs that each have their own flavor. Here are my favorites (in no particular order, mind you):

1. East Nashville. For the last ten years or so, East Nashville has been considered Nashville's "it" neighborhood. After a 1998 outbreak of tornados ripped through and destroyed much of the community, new residents moved in to renovate and rejuvinate. Today, East Nashville is home to some of the city's most famous musicians, including Jack White, The Black Keys and Ben Folds, and offers up some of Nashville's best food and funky atmosphere. If you're not sure where to start, go to 5 points, the spot where Woodland and S. 10th Street meet. 

2. 12 South. Another recently gentrified neighborhood in Nashville, 12 S is the main drag that runs north and south, and is now home to a row of restaurants, shops, and homes that value small-town neighborhood feel. Though questions have been raised about how quickly the area has developed (and tempers have flared over parking issues and the new construction of 4-story buildings on an otherwise residential road), 12 South still maintains the laid-back feeling of your own neighborhood, even if you don't live there. Park on a side street, like Ashwood or Dallas, then take a walk. Don't miss Imogene + Willie, Burger UP, Edley's BBQ, 12 S Taproom, Local Honey, or Serendipity. 

3. Germantown. The newest kid on the block, Germantown has been blooming right before our very eyes. With the establishment of high-end restaurants like Rolf + Daughters, Silo, and Germantown Cafe, this little nook of historic homes and great city views has taken to new heights. Developers are creating high end urban flats in Werthan Lofts, and young professionals are taking note. Also, keep an eye on 100 Taylor Street, an old flour-mill turned creative hub for new entrepreneurs, arists and designers.

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