What are the best stores for designer clothes in Nashville?

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Claire Gibson

If you're looking for designer clothes in Nashville... it's best to go straight to the designers themselves.

For American-made jeans, look no further than Imogene + Willie. The retail store, located on 12th Avenue South, is housed in a refurbished gas station where it opened in 2009. This year, Imogene (pronounced eye-m-jean) expanded into a warehouse/workshop space in Marathon Village, where a majority of their jeans are stitched with some of the nation's highest quality denim. There are only a few styles to choose from: The Imogene, Jesse, or Elizabeth for women; and The Barton or Willie for the gentlemen. Tailored on site and within minutes, you can walk out of the store with a brand new pair of jeans—made to last a lifetime.

And speaking of Marathon Village, head on over to Nashville's former automobile manufacturing plant to see Otis James or Emil Erwin. There, Otis and his team sew handmade ties, bowties, and hats made with fabric that will make you swoon for herringbone. Emil (whose last name is Cogdon, not Erwin) is known across the South for his fine leather goods—wallets, luggage, belts and more. 

To get a feel for Nashville's underground fashion scene, check out Local Honey on Belmont Avenue. It's filled to the brim with up-and-coming designer goods as well as vintage finds.

For higher-end threads, don't miss H. Audrey in Green Hills. Singer-songwriter Holly Williams and her sister, Hilary (both great-granddaughters of Hank Williams), line the racks with the kind of merchandise that draws celebrities and musicians like Gwyneth Paltrow, Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, and Kelly Clarkson. Plus, with their shared musical heritage, you can also walk out of H. Audrey with rare music posters, photography, and recordings. 

Happy Shopping!

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