What is public transportation like in Nashville?

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Claire Gibson

Nashville, unlike its Northeaster metropolitan neighbors, doesn't exactly have a public transit system that is reliable or widesweeping. Parking is also not a major issue (except for some areas downtown), so if you're driving a rental car from East Nashville to 12 South, you'll be able to find free parking and enjoy the convenience of your own ride. However, if you're trying to stay within a budget or remain a little more environmentally friendly, Nashville MTA offers bus services across town, and a new East-to-West connector, called AMP, will hopefully launch sometime in the next few years. Unlike the buses, the AMP will be a rapid transit that follows one of the cities most-traveled corridors, and will offer tourists a chance to go from West End to East Nashville's five-points district very easily. 

You can pay your fare in cash when you board the bus. The fare box accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills as well as U.S. coins, including the $1 coin. Drivers do not give change. Change cards will be issued at the fare box for money paid over the fare amount. In addition, tickets are available online at nashvillemta.org.

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