What are the best outdoor activities in New Orleans?

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Karen Dalton Beninato

The best outdoor activities in New Orleans involve sights, sounds, and ideally some of the better smells. For some of the best sounds in the city, stroll Royal Street in the French Quarter and you can hear street musicians all the way from Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue. Remember to bring singles as a tip for performances you enjoy and film.

As a feast for the senses, it's hard to beat the mighty Mississippi River. Book a cruise on the Steamboat Natchez and enjoy tunes from its calliope carried on the wind as the Natchez heads downstream.

The Audubon Zoo offers a full day's worth of outdoor activities from its Jaguar Jungle exhibit to the Cool Zoo slash park which ecomes wildly popular in the Louisiana heat.

And for old fashioned outdoor fun, hike the elegantly landscaped City Park in Midcity, or float through the great outdoors by booking NOLA Gondola's tour of the park's lagoons.

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