What is the best new restaurant in New Orleans?

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Karen Dalton Beninato

SoBou (the name is a mashup of the phrase South of Bourbon Street) is guided by restaurateur Ti Martin of Brennan's family of restaurants, and is a glorious addition to the New Orleans dining pantheon. Located in the newly re-imagined French Quarter W, SoBou bills itself as a spirited restaurant. From taps in the tables, glowing bottles lining the walls, to high-end wines vended by the sip, it's unlike anything in existence even in a cocktail town. Louisiana street food with a Latin flair is served up in small plates and not so small plates under the helm of chef de cuisine Juan Carlos Gonzalez. To see what the fuss is all about, sink your teeth into a foie gras burger, pan seared served with a sunny side up yard egg and duck bacon on a caramelized onion brioche bun, then pour your own in-table cold draft.

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