Where is the best architecture in New Orleans?

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Karen Dalton Beninato

The best modern architecture in New Orleans can be found in the ever-expanding World War II Museum complex on a large scale, and at the Make It Right sustainable neighborhood in the 9th Ward launched by architecture buff Brad Pitt. MIR developments include a tethered home designed with the ability to float;  sidewalks porous enough to absorb floodwaters; and homes built above crypts to collect grey water; making it a living laboratory for new frontiers in architecture.

For classicists, the historic French Quarter offers prime examples of Spanish, French and and Creole architecture, and the Garden District boasts antebellum homes up and down St. Charles Avenue including the storied Wedding Cake House at State Street that can be admired on foot or from the streetcar. Architecture tours may be scheduled in advance online, or booked at kiosks throughout the French Quarter.

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