What is the design style of Gramercy Park Hotel?

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Gramercy Park Hotel has a unique design style that’s best described as eclectic, artistic and swanky. Upon entry through the revolving glass doors, you’ll see a luxurious lobby with high ceilings, wooden beams and thick, red velvet drapes framing the doorway to the Rose Bar. The checkered floor has a touch of Alice in Wonderland whim that adds a fun and energetic tone to the lobby. But before falling completely off into an abstract rabbit hole, things are balanced with rich colors and fabrics used on the velvet couches in the center of the lobby floor. The rest of the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel follows a similar suit with plush, rose-colored carpeting in the hallways, dim lighting and dark woodwork in the rooms, all aspects that create an elegant yet hip mood. Rose Bar is decorated in a similar fashion to the lobby, yet it also has eclectic pieces of artwork on the wall and a Maarten Baas pool table that acts as a table during the day when the bar serves as an extension of the New York City hotel’s lobby.

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