40 Tables

If you’re looking for checkered tablecloths and the quaint fare of typical red-sauce joints, keep moving. The ambitious Del Posto reflects the bold persona of its famous owner-partner, Mario Batali. At 24,000 square feet, with soaring columns and enough mahogany to give environmentalists palpitations, this high-end Italian restaurant dwarfs its competition in size and style but still pays attention to tiny details like purse stools for the ladies.

Equal care is taken with the often-fearless food. Sliced jalapeño peppers in the spaghetti with Dungeness crab will have you reaching for ChapStick to cool your lips, but that’s the kind of touch one expects from Batali. What is perhaps more surprising is that this modern Italian classic is happy to table signature dishes such as its veal- and pancetta-filled 100-layer lasagna to please diners with dietary restrictions; Del Posto’s gluten-free menù della terra is a welcome sight for vegans and vegetarians. No matter which menu you choose, make a detour through the restaurant’s wine list, as its 45,000-bottle collection will impress even the most seasoned wine aficionados.