Does Del Posto offer any special gifts from the chef?

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Chef Mark Ladner and the pastry chef at Del Posto treat you to special gifts at both the beginning and end of your meal. Your delicious meal at the Italian restaurant will begin with a primi assaggi, a “first taste” selection of canapés from the chef. These small bites draw on the chef’s inspiration of the moment, and our carb-loving appetite was thankful that the chef chose bread as his theme on this occasion. Whether it’s reimagined tea sandwiches with a twist on chicken salad or wedges of a lobster and caviar, the bites are meant to whet the palate and invigorate the appetite. At the end of your meal at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant, the mignardises are whimsically presented in a wooden cheese box. The treats are so miniature and delicious-sounding that no matter how full you are, you won’t be able to resist nibbling on one or two. Among the six bites that we received: a tart, champagne-vinegar caramel wrapped in a clear, edible wrapper; a decadent extra-virgin olive oil gelato lollipop topped with chocolate; a toasted bread crumb; and of course, a classic bomboloni, a light and flaky Italian doughnut filled with vanilla crème. Every meal should end on this deliciously sweet and flavorful note — and the New York restaurant shows it knows how to treat guests right.

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