What are five things to know about Del Posto?

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When dining for the first time at Del Posto, there are five things that will ensure you have an amazing meal. Feel free to take notes:  
1. Go hungry. This is a point we can’t emphasize enough.

2. Have a drink at the bar. The bar, located on the left side of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant, has a comfortable seating area as well as bar seats for enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail.

3. Don’t go crazy with the bread basket. Housemade breads make it hard not to indulge in the lardo (cured pork fat laced with rosemary and garlic) and the sweet butter, but there is much more ahead.

4.  Savor the pastas. With every pasta dish having its unique twist on Italian flavors and cuisine, each one will shock and surprise you.  

5. It doesn’t end with dessert. In addition to delicious desserts, mignardises are extravagantly presented in an old-fashioned wooden cheese grater and the sweet fried doughnuts are a must try. 

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