What is the food presentation like at Koi SoHo?

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Rachel Bowie

The food presentation at Koi SoHo is as striking and appealing as the flavors in Koi’s Japanese-inspired menu. When you dine at the popular restaurant in Trump SoHo New York, you’ll notice that most of the plates are white, which helps showcase the natural hues in the ingredients. Subtle artistic touches that mirror the artistry found in Japanese cuisine are often employed as well. For example, a plate of sushi nigiri might have the green wasabi shaped as a leaf and the pink pickled ginger arranged into a rose design. Every bite is carefully constructed to appear beautifully on the plate. The simple and uncomplicated plating of each dish makes the food easy to eat — you won’t find architectural creations here. Executive chef Robb Lucas goes the extra mile to surprise and delight at the New York restaurant.

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