Does Le Bernardin have a bar menu?

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You won’t be relegated to chomping on peanuts or pretzels if you end up grabbing a seat at Le Bernardin’s bar; the restaurant serves its entire menu at the bar. Sure, we recommend reserving a table in the elegant and contemporary dining room for the full effect, but a stool at the bar will let you enjoy the restaurant’s flawlessly prepared seafood.

The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant's menu comprises almost exclusively fish and other seafood, divided into three sections by preparation: Almost Raw, Barely Touched and Lightly Cooked. “Almost Raw” includes oysters and Vietnamese-style marinated hamachi, while “Barely Touched” features delights such as grilled Hawaiian escolar with a chilled carrot and lime mousseline with miso sauce. The “Lightly Cooked” features dishes that while fully cooked, don’t forget the taste of the sea, such as poached halibut with braised artichoke chestnuts and bacon with Persian lime-scented truffle broth.

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