What are five things I should know about The Palm Court?

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When you come in to dine at The Palm Court inside The Plaza Hotel, there are five things you should know in advance:

1. It’s iconic. Since The Palm Court first opened, it has become as much of an icon as The Plaza Hotel itself. That’s why F. Scott Fitzgerald decided to film scenes from The Great Gatsby in this New York restaurant — The Palm Court is a popular location for many popular novels and films.

2. There’s a special Eloise menu for kids. If you’re traveling with kids, you have to remember to order from the Eloise menu at The Palm Court. Featuring breakfast and lunch dishes with kid-friendly names, your children will delight at what they get to say when they place their order: “I’ll have the Charge it Please, Mac and Cheese!” for example.

3. Afternoon Tea is an institution at The Plaza Hotel. Served between the hours of noon and 5 p.m., choose from a menu that’s both savory and sweet. There are also a variety of tea experiences to select from — both the Classic and the New Yorker are a $48 prix fixe, while the Chocolate Tea is a $58 prix fixe. Kids can even partake in the fun with an Eloise-themed tea option for $28.

4. Eat at the Chef’s Table. A relatively new experience at The Palm Court, make a reservation for the Chef’s Table at lunch. The menu is based on daily market availability, but it’s a great way to experience the restaurant’s commitment to sustainable cuisine.

5. Crafted by mixologist Brian Van Flandern, The Palm Court recently created its first ever bar and cocktail program, served with savory fare and tea tiers to accompany classic cocktails such as the Gatsby Mint Julep or the NYC Cosmopolitan.  

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