What are the best Newport picnic spots?

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Melanie Nayer

Vacationing in Newport isn’t just a favorite pastime of New Englanders, it’s a sought-after destination among travelers from around the world because of the Rhode Island city’s iconic East Coast small-town charm. Forbes Travel Guide editors found that picnicking is a popular past time for visitors and locals alike — consider these the best spots to unpack a lunch and enjoy the view:

1. Easton’s Beach. Also called First Beach by locals, this beach is where you’ll find most of the action during the summer months — you’ll also find plenty of picnic tables to host your impromptu picnic parties. Cop a squat in the sand or just find an open space along the beach’s first-come-first-seated picnic areas.

2. Brenton Point State Park. If you want something with less people and more views, head to Brenton Point State Park. This park offers great, sweeping views of the ocean and Newport’s famous rocky coastline. (Bonus: you can also fish here.) Bring a kite on a windy day and join the others kite flying along the coast.

3. Fort Adams State Park. This spot is an ideal picnic place for boat enthusiasts. Find a  spot on the hill, lay out a blanket and watch the boats come in and out of the bay all day long.

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