What are the best local dishes in Oahu?

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Catherine E. Toth

Like anywhere in the world, Hawaii has its unique dishes, items you won't find anywhere else. (Well, except at a Hawaii-themed restaurant.)

Here are a few must-eat local dishes that you can't miss while visiting Oahu:

• Loco moco (shown above): This isn't the most photogenic dish, but it's easily one of the most ordered plates at any local drive-in, including Rainbow Drive-In in Kapahulu. The dish consists of the following: two eggs, prepared any way, on top of a hamburger patty, macaconi salad and a bed of rice, all of which is slathered in brown gravy. It's great after a session in the surf, trust me.

Malasada: When the Portuguese immigrated to Hawaii in the early 1900s, they brought along this delectable dessert. Malasadas — which are only found in the Azores in Portugual, where most of the immigrants to Hawaii hailed — are basically fried dough doused in sugar. Some bakeries, like Leonard's Bakery in Kapahulu, add filling, too, like dobash chocolate and lilikoi cream.

Spam musubi: An obvious fusion between East and West, the Spam musubi is a staple snack food in Hawaii. You can find these at take-out spots like Tanioka's Seafoods & Catering in Waipahu to every 7-Eleven on the island. It is just as it sounds: a piece of Spam, sometimes fried in a teriyaki sauce, on top of rice and wrapped in nori (seaweed).

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