What are the five best things to do in Okinawa?

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If you are traveling to Okinawa, here are the five best things to do in the scenic destination:

Go island hopping. Okinawa consists of numerous islands that each have unique characteristics. You might be lucky and spot the rare Iriomote cat (a subspecies of the leopard cat) on Iriomote Island or perhaps climb Okinawa’s highest mountain, Mt. Omoto on Ishigaki Island.

Visit one of the izakayas. You’d be remiss not to stop into at least one of these Japanese gastropubs. These watering holes are where locals gather, from businessmen to average Joes, to enjoy their evenings fueled by sake, beer and small, delicious portions of food.

Embark on a romantic sunset cruise. Breathtaking sunsets are frequent around Okinawa, and the best way to take in the stunning views is right on the water with a glass of champagne. And if you can share it with someone special, that only makes it better.

Enjoy the beach life. Okinawa features some of the most spectacular stretches of sand in the world, so be sure to take advantage. Kick back and read a book on the beach, sip refreshing local beer Orion or try one of the numerous water sports.

Try the pork and other specialties. One of the main sources of protein on the island is Okinawan pork in all kinds of forms. It’s highly recommended for its melt-in-your-mouth feel and delicious taste. And remember, if the Okinawans eat this and live long, healthy lives (they have one of the longest life expectancies in the world), then this is the right place to feast on pork guilt-free.

Don’t forget to try the bitter melon and umibudou (sea grapes) that are used frequently in the local cuisine.

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