What are some Route 66 sights located near Oklahoma City?

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Michael Ream

While America’s iconic transcontinental highway passes through Oklahoma City, you really need to get out into the country to experience the feeling of the iconic road. Stop off in the town of Arcadia, which has a famous round barn that houses a Route 66 gift shop and modest museum. Farther down the road, the towns of Chandler and Stroud are also worth a visit, with the latter, home to an iconic Route 66 café. The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is located just over an hour to the west of Oklahoma City in the town of Clinton, and it’s worth a visit.
While it’s not on Route 66, the town of Guthrie, north of Oklahoma City, is a nice stop for road trippers. As the original capital of Oklahoma, the town has several historic sites, including an entire neighborhood listed on the National Register of Historic Places, consisting of hundreds of Victorian homes and redbrick commercial buildings. The Oklahoma Territorial Museum, part of a complex that includes the town’s historic Carnegie Library, has many displays related to state history, while the Oklahoma Sports Museum is full of memorabilia from Oklahoma’s many famous athletes and teams.

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