What are the best road trips from Omaha?

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Michael Ream

A good road trip from Omaha is to the state’s capital, Lincoln, which is just an hour away. It is worth a visit for its two iconic structures: the Nebraska State Capitol and Memorial Stadium. The Nebraska State Capitol — a tall stone spire that soars 400 feet into the air — is the second tallest capitol in the United States and is visible for miles across the flat Nebraska plains. Across town is Memorial Stadium, home to the University of Nebraska Huskers. The stadium seats nearly 90,000 and has sold out every game since 1962, a national record.
Lincoln also features some nice hiking and walking trails, its own modest zoo and several museums, including the Great Plains Art Museum, which showcases the works of Western artists like Frederic Remington. Downtown Lincoln also has a lively college town atmosphere, with some nice restaurants and cafes.

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