What vegetarian and vegan dishes does Eleven offer?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Kristen Manieri

Besides making requests to alter the restaurant’s existing dishes, vegans and vegetarians may find navigating Eleven’s cuisine a little difficult. That being said, the steak selections can easily be skipped over in favor of salmon, grouper, bass, and a shrimp and scallop linguine. While not vegan, the grilled cheese and tomato soup, beefsteak tomato salad, and crispy vegetable spring rolls are sure to delight vegetarians. Upon request, some items, such as goat cheese, can be omitted from the preparation to better cater to those who steer clear of dairy. Best to keep in mind, however, that Eleven’s cuisine is anchored in steaks and so the menu isn’t designed to cater to herbivores.

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