What are five things I should know about Forte?

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Inside the massive Reunion Resort, Forte sits on the first floor of the 11-story Reunion Grande tower. Located adjacent the resort’s lobby bar and sushi eatery, the fine-dining restaurant is the go-to spot for great steaks, sides large enough for sharing and an intimate take on private dining. A few things you should know before you go to Forte:

1. It’s open seasonally. Forte is only open Thursdays through Saturdays from November through April. However, this doesn’t guarantee the restaurant will indeed be operating. If the resort is experiencing low occupancy or the restaurant doesn’t have any reservations on the books, it reserves the right to close for the night. It’s best to call ahead a few days before you plan to have to dinner to ensure Forte will be open.

2. It has steakhouse cuisine. The Orlando restaurant is a traditional American steakhouse serving prime cuts of beef, huge sides, fresh seafood and big pasta dishes. Vegetarians might have a hard time filling up here, unless they stick to the meatless sides, like sautéed mushrooms and au gratin potatoes, for dinner.

3. There’s no bar. Reunion Resort only has two bars in the Reunion Grande Tower — the lobby bar and Eleven, located on the 11th floor. There is no bar at Forte, so if you want to enjoy a drink pre- or post-dinner, head to one of those other venues.

4. Gratuity is included. To keep things simple, Forte will add an automatic 20 percent to all checks, exclusive of the 7 percent sales tax. However, if you had exemplary service and want to tack on more gratuity to your check at the end of your meal, you’re welcome to do so.
5. There’s no sommelier. Forte trains all its servers on the wine it offers, but does not employ a full-time sommelier. The wines at the steakhouse are chosen by the food and beverage staff at the hotel. If you want a wine pairing with your 22-ounce bone-in ribeye, your server will be able to make recommendations.

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