What is the best time to visit Orlando?

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D.J. Jones

While Spring Break, the holidays, or summer might be the most convenient time to visit Orlando because the kids are out of school, it's important to remember that everyone else has that same idea. The parks are at their busiest during these peak times, and they can be downright miserable during the summer thanks to our wonderful Florida heat and humidity. For these reasons, the fall is the best time to visit Orlando, at least in the opinion of yours truly.

In addition to lighter crowds and better weather, the fall is also when the annual Food & Wine Festival takes place at Epcot. Between late September and early November the Food & Wine Festival offers visitors the opportunity to sample dishes from around the globe, as well as take in culinary and wine demonstrations from celebrity chefs and TV personalities. Fair warning: attending the Festival can make a serious dent in your wallet, and crowds can be heavy on the weekends, however it's easily the best reason to visit Orlando in the fall.

Dana Damato

As most people come to Orlando during the summer for summer vacation, I always advise people of the very opposite. The summer months are the worst to visit Orlando because it is so hot, humid and usually storming every day. It’s not enjoyable for those from out of town who are expecting that true Florida Sunshine State weather.
The best times to visit Orlando are definitely during the spring months. March, April and May will be the best time to spend days outdoors without walking through a torrential downpour or sweating excessively to the point where you don’t even want to walk outside. 

Kristen Manieri

If you can swing it, it’s always best to visit Orlando when everyone else is not. As a rule, crowds dramatically thin the week immediately after Labor Day, the week of Halloween, and the last week of May. That being said, it’s a big place and there is lots of room for the millions of people that visit here every year. From a weather perspective, the early spring and late fall are ideal thanks to temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s. If you’re here during the summer months, expect 95-degree days and plan to spend the mornings in the parks but the afternoons by the pool. And don’t be afraid to carve out a day or two at the beach; it’s only an hour drive to Cocoa Beach and typically two hours to the Gulf of Mexico. While the weeks from Thanksgiving through New Year’s tend to be peak pricing, it is pretty special to see the parks decked out in holiday lights and I’ve often heard from families that kicking off the holidays in Orlando, even kick-starting their holiday shopping, can be pretty fabulous.

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