What is the weather like right now in Orlando?

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Dana Damato

February is always a great time to be in Orlando. It’s the month that make Floridians thankful they live in the south, and the month that makes Northerners wish they lived in Florida. While most states are getting freezing weather and snow, Orlando is getting sunshine and warm weather.
February is one of the best months to come to Orlando because the average temperature is 70s in the day and 50s at night with a lot of sun and low humidity. This is the perfect time to be in Orlando — especially if you are going to the theme parks.

Kristen Manieri

By mid spring, it’s pretty typical for temperatures to start reaching the mid to high 80s. Visitors will want to bring shorts, t-shirts and sundresses for the day and also a light sweater or long-sleeve shirt for the evening when temperatures cool to around 73 degrees. What’s great about spring in Orlando is that although it’s hot, it hasn’t yet reached that ‘trapped in an oven’ feel that will be setting in by summer.  If you’re in the shade or the sky is a little overcast, it’s actually pretty close to perfection here at the moment. At nearby beaches, the daytime temperatures drop a little lower than inland temperatures. While the Atlantic is still pretty chilly, this is still a wonderful time to plan a beach day. Regardless of your plans, consider bringing an umbrella or rain poncho: spring doesn’t typically see the daily afternoon showers that summer brings, but rain is certainly not unheard of this time of year.

D.J. Jones

The weather in Orlando right now is, well, lousy. Why? Because Tropical Storm Andrea has decided to pay us a visit and has brought with her several inches of rain. But that's Florida in the summertime. Contrary to media coverage, however, hurricanes and tropical storms don't pass through Orlando every week. Sometimes we make it through an entire season without seeing one. Of course, this year is already off to a wet start, but the thing to remember is that if a tropical storm happens to come during your Orlando vacation, the worst case scenario is usually a day or two washed out in the rain. The wind and mass destruction you see on the news is actually quite rare in Orlando.

Thunderstorms, on the other hand, are a completely different story. During the summer, there are two things you can set your watch by: the 3pm parade in the Magic Kingdom followed by the 3:30 thunderstorm. My advice is to seek shelter in one of the gift shops, wait it out, and after the rain stops enjoy a much less crowded theme park. Just be warned: You've never felt humidity until you've walked through a theme park following a summer rain storm. It's a pretty good substitute for a steam room.

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