What are the best attractions in Oslo?

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Vigeland Sculpture Park

The Vigeland Sculpture Park is the largest sculpture park made by one single artist in the world, and is open to visitors all year.

A Visit to the unique Vigeland Sculpture Park, the legacy of Gustav Vigeland to the city of Oslo, is a must when visiting Oslo. Gustav Vigeland started to work on the sculpture park in 1924, and was still working on it when he died in 1943. Here he had the chance to let his imagination run riot and, the central path takes you into a world of frowning, fighting and posturing bronze figures, which flank the footbridge one the river.

Beyond the central fountain is an enormous bowl representing the burden of life, supported by straining, sinewy bronze Goliaths, while underneath, water tumbles out around figures engaged in play or talk, or simply resting or standing.

The Park contains of more than 200 sculptures in bronze and granite, focusing on the cycles of life and death. A stroll through the park makes you feel you are in a different world.

In the end of the park you will see the twenty-meter-high obelisk up on the stepped embankment, and the granite sculpture grouped around it, which will really take your breath away.  

Open daily, no entrance fee.

The Royal Palace

In the summer, while the Royal family is away on vacation, they open up the Royal Palace to the public in the form of guided tours. During a guided tour you will enter the palace through the tailgate, which is located in the back of the building. In the hall you enter to there are possibility to hang you jackets and bags away, before you meet your guide. The guide tour then start and the guide will show around the palace and you will enter the most beautiful and most important rooms. You will get to hear what the rooms are used for and of course all about the history of the building and wo has lived here since it was completed in 1849.

The Opera house

Book a tour to visit the “inside” of the new opera in a stylish design in Norwegian wood. If the weather allows, you can also take a tour on the roof.

The New Opera house is the result of an international architect competition held in 2000. The Renowned architect firm Snøhetta won the contest. Snøhetta is a Norwegian architect firm, but with solid international experience. Among other projects, they designed the new museum for “ground Zero” in New York.

In the spring of 2008, the new opera house was ready to open its doors. It houses the Norwegian Opera and Ballet – Norway’s biggest culture and stage institution.

The building area is 38,500 square meters and consists of more than 1000 rooms. In the main hall, a 1,370 – strong audience will be able to enjoy a performance and the great acoustics which have been the main focus throughout the building process.

Akershus Fortress and Castle

Throughout 700 years, Akershus Castle have played a central role in Norwegian history. As a Royal residence, centre of administration and as a military fortification, the Fortress and the castle have been the stage of both mundane and dramatic events, inhabited and visited by several significant historical persons. As of today the castle continues to thrive at the centre of historical events, being the Norwegian Governments principal location for official functions and state occasions. A guided tour to Akershus Castle is a journey through Norway’s history from the 12th century until the present. You may admire the beautiful historically restored halls or marvel at the gloomy dungeons and dark hallways.

Monday – Saturday 10:00-16:00                                 Entrance fee adults  NOK 70 pp 
Sunday                    12:00-16:00                                 Entrance fee children NOK 30 pp
Phone:                +47 2241 2521

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