What are the best Oslo food experiences?

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Kate Newman

There’s much more to Norwegian cuisine than salmon and meatballs, although both are delicious. While visiting Norway’s capital city, here are the best dishes our Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend you sample:  
1. Kanelbolle. Norwegians are known for their delicious bread and pastries, and kanelboller are at the top of the list. These sweet, fluffy cinnamon buns can be found all over, but the best are at Åpent Bakeri, the successful joint venture of a Norwegian and a Frenchman.
2. Freia Melkesjokolade. Norway is home to some of the world’s best milk chocolate, delectably creamy but not too sweet. The yellow wrapper of this national brand is enough to bring a smile to any Osloite.
3. Cloudberries and cream. As exquisite as their name suggests, cloudberries are such a Norwegian delicacy that they’ve earned the nickname viddas gull (“highland gold”). This tricky-to-cultivate fruit has a very short season, from late July to early August. Indigenous Sami kept the light, sweet berries in reindeer milk; today, Norwegians eat cloudberries with cream as a Christmas dessert.
4. Brunost. Norwegian for “brown cheese,” brunost is made from the caramelized whey of goat’s milk. Brunost has a sweet, almost nutty flavor, and melts in your mouth. Try it on a piece of buttered dark rye.
5. Kaviar. This salty paste of creamed cod roe is a Norwegian classic. Butter a piece of dark bread, then add kaviar and top with slices of hardboiled egg. Similar spreads are made with salmon and prawns.

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