What are the five best things to do with kids in Panama?

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Panama is as suitable for the kids as it is for anyone other visitor, with a slew of fun activities bound to keep any child’s interest. Our Forbes Travel Guide editors chose the five best things to do with kids in Panama:
1. Visit the Punta Culebra Marine Exhibition Center. This open-air museum on Isla Naos, located 15 minutes from the center of Panama City, is run by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Kids can learn all about marine life by visiting exhibits, aquariums and the touching pool where they can feel starfish and sea turtles.
2. Go bike riding on Amador Causeway. The Amador Causeway is a pathway that takes you from the main center of Panama City to four tiny islands as it overlooks the entrance of the Panama Canal. You can rent bikes at the entrance and make pit stops at any of the many restaurants along the way.
3. Check out the Panama Canal. You’ll want to take your kids to see one of the world’s most historical and significant waterways — head to Miraflores Locks for an impressive view of massive ships gliding through the tight canals. If your kids want to learn more, head to the onsite museum to see a retrospective on the construction of the famous canal.
4. Schedule a tour through Monkey Island. Take a boat tour on Lake Gatun and see different species of monkeys and exotic birds on Monkey Island (located in the middle of the lake). You’ll make a stop at a natural spring pool where kids can take a dip in the water.
5. Play at Avalon Grand Panama. Book a night at this resort (about 30 minutes north of Panama City) to take advantage of the offerings — a guided jungle tour, a tropical zoo and Jungle Falls, the biggest waterpark in Central America.

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