What are the five best food experiences in Patagonia?

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1. El Bolsón’s farmer’s market. What started out as an experiment in sustainable living has blossomed into one of the most quaint and friendly towns in all of Patagonia. The fields surrounding this small slice of heaven are golden with barley being grown to make artisanal beer, and the nearby lakes are ideal for summer swimming, provided you're willing to brave the cool waters. The real appeal of a visit to El Bolsón is hitting up the town farmer's market on weekends, when cheesemakers and farmers from the valley descend on the town square with the ripest raspberries, tangiest yogurts and tastiest vegetables this side of paradise.  
2. Ice cream at Jauja. As if the natural selection of El Bolsón wasn't enough, the town also has the best restaurant shop in Argentina — Jauja. Sourcing the finest ingredients Patagonia has to offer, this shop is the only place in the country where you can get creamy cinnamon ice cream or the house special, goat's milk with fruits from the forest. We think this might just be the best ice cream you've tasted.  
3. Patagonian lamb. This can be tried practically anywhere — it takes a lot to ruin a something as fresh and flavorful as this local specialty, so upscale restaurants and down-home parillas are equally worthy options. Because the lamb in Patagonia roams freely and dines on sweet grasses, the end result is something truly special, and strikingly delicious. 

4. Rainbow trout. Rainbow trout isn’t native to the lakes and streams of Patagonia, but it ended up there nonetheless, and has become a major part of dining in southern Argentina and Chile. Coming from such crisp, clean waters, it's no surprise that the fish tastes so delicious, so try it served at an upscale bistro or a rustic hunting lodge and the results will be just as satisfying.  
5. Local brews. Patagonia is the land of delicious, well-made beer, and so it should be the place where you try ambitious porters, exciting IPAs and other varieties that simply don't exist further north. Berlina right outside of Bariloche is part brewery, part bar, and entirely impressive. Stop at this lively, sprawling brew house and have a pint or three.

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