What is the best thing to bring home from Penang?

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Sophie Friedman

Because food is such a rich part of Malaysian culture, the best thing to bring home from Penang is something edible. Dragonball biscuits are enormously popular and make excellent gifts. The biscuits are available with green bean and caramel filling and the two most popular brands, Ghee Hiang and the Him Heang, can be found at every supermarket. If you don’t want to carry any food back, visit the Sun Yat Sen Museum. The gift shop there is packed with books and other paper goods. Likewise, Bon Ton The Shop, part of the Straits Collection boutique hotel, has a beautiful selection of bedding, accessories and paper goods. The adjacent gallery also has art available for purchase. If you have time, swing by Lorong Kulit Flea Market, where you’ll find all manner of “antiques” (the authenticity is questionable), as well as vintage watches, postcards and knickknacks.

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