Where is the best shopping in Penang?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Sophie Friedman

Malls in Penang are used as both shopping centers and as places of respite from the often-unbearable heat. The Queensbay Mall is Penang’s largest and its standout stores include a MNG Mango and Topshop. The night market at Ferringhi is where you’ll find jewelry, watches, purses, scarves and t-shirts. Authenticity is questionable but you can find fun little trinkets. There is also an excellent hawker area, where you can try traditional Malaysian snacks. Packed during the weekends but open daily is the Lorong Kulit Flea Market, where you’ll find antiques (again, of questionable authenticity), vintage watches, old tools, currency samples, postcards and more. Bon Ton The Shop is one of Penang’s best boutiques, part of the Straits Collection boutique hotel in Georgetown. There you’ll find gorgeous woven blankets, stationary, bedding and accessories.

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