What are the best attractions in Philadelphia?

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Melissa Greiner

Philadelphia draws visitors internationally every year for its diverse and distinct line-up of attractions.

Philadelphia may be best known as the birthplace of the United States, and as such it's no surprise the Historic District is often a first stop for visitors. Here you can literally walk the streets that saw the rise of America, from Independence Hall to Betsy Ross' house to Benjamin Franklin's original post office. The area is capped by the more modern National Constiution Center -- the perfect place to understand how everything that happened beyond its windows resulted in the country we have today. Nearby is also the Independence Visitors Center, the perfect spot to get the lay of the city, as well as suggestions and directions.

While the Historic District dominates the east side of the city, the western end of downtown is the Museum District, and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway that cuts through it is worth a look of its own. Here you'll stroll past the Academy of Natural Sciences, The Franklin Institute, The Barnes Foundaiton, and The Rodin Museum, then stop in front of the famous "Rocky" stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. All of these destinations offer family-friendly exhibits, as well as full rosters of in-depth activities that complement their amazing treasures.

Food is as much a reason to visit Philadelphia as the history or culture, so come hungry. University City is known for its tiny ethic takeaways, the Italian Market for the freshest "gravy" around, Reading Terminal Market for delish Amish specialties. And yes, there are cheesesteaks. While shops abound all over town, the two famed shops of Pat's and Geno's are located in South Philadelphia. 

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