What are the best Phnom Penh food experiences?

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Lindsay Muscato

With simple ingredients and bold spices, the food in Phnom Penh can provide an experience like you’ve never had before. Here are a few food experiences you should have while visiting the Cambodian city:
1. Street food. The street fare in Phnom Penh can be an experience in and of itself. There’s something for every palate. Fried noodles are an easy and delicious lunch for less than a dollar; there’s also no shortage of rice porridge, iced coffee and deep-fried bananas. Pull up a small plastic stool and try your hand at a new treat.
2. The Russian Market. This popular market has excellent food in its interior; and because the market caters to tourists, it’s slightly easier to find an English speaker if your Khmer is rusty. Look out for more exotic food items here, like ban hoi (bundles of rice noodles).
3. Happy hour. Cambodia loves its happy hours — in fact, many places advertise happy hours that last all day. Our favorite spot to enjoy the drinking hours is at the Foreign Correspondents Club, where you can enjoy a good cocktail with river views.

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