Where is the best shopping in Phuket?

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Melanie Nayer

Tourist-friendly Phuket has an abundance of shopping opportunities, but our Forbes Travel Guide editors feel some of the best shopping is within Old Phuket Town, where you’ll get great prices on original Thai handicrafts such as hand-carved elephants, bronze statues and unique ceramics. You’ll also find a number of boutiques selling scarves, shirts, pants and tapestries made from Thailand’s famous silk.
A visit to the Phuket Weekend Market, located just outside Phuket Town, is quite an experience. Here you can browse stalls overflowing with souvenirs, secondhand goods, pirated films, local foods and even live animals. While we certainly don’t advocate purchasing anything questionable (or illegal), we do think it’s worth checking out.
If you’re looking for something unique — and stylish — to take home, consider visiting one of the tailors in Phuket Town to get a well-priced, custom suit or dress made from cashmere, silk or cotton. Most of the tailor shops are found in the main resort areas and some are even located in hotels — feel free to ask your hotel for recommendations and help setting up an appointment.

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