What are the five best places to eat in Piedmont?

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From delicate truffles and homemade pasta to the area’s prized wines, our Forbes Travel Guide editors say that Piedmont is a food lover’s paradise. Here are the five best restaurants to savor the local cuisine:
1. Villa D’Amelia Relais. Not far from the town of Alba, this award-winning restaurant boasts a stunning view of the rugged Alps and the softly rolling Piedmontese hills (called Langhe in Italian). Chef Damiano Nigro has a unique and creative approach to his traditional cuisine, from his delicate, freshly made pasta to the hazelnut tiramisu.
2. Piazza Duomo. If you’re looking for a sumptuous meal with an exotic twist, Piazza Duomo, located in the central square of the quiet town of Alba, should hit the spot. The restaurant’s acclaimed chef surprises his guests with traditional dishes that are infused with the light and piquant flavors of Japanese cuisine.
3. C’era Una Volta. For a more rustic feel — complete with terracotta tiles and a fireplace — visit this small, historic gem near Turin’s train station. Whimsically named “Once Upon a Time,” the traditional restaurant offers a hearty six-course tasting menu, which should tide over even the most enthusiastic gourmand.
4. Sotto la Mole. Only steps away from the iconic Mole Antonelliana in Turin, Sotto la Mole is a representative of the Slow Food Movement. The restaurant focuses on seasonal products and pays particular attention to your individual needs — so don’t hesitate to mention any dietary restrictions or food allergies to the English- and French-speaking staff.
5. Castello di Pavone Hotel and Restaurant. For a romantic candlelit dinner for two, treat yourself to a royal experience by dining in a medieval castle that’s just a short drive from Turin. Enjoy traditional Italian cuisine seated beneath vast frescoed archways or next to a small waterfall in the relaxing courtyard surrounded by the fortress walls and turrets.

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