What is the best thing to bring home from Piedmont?

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Sigrid Lupieri

Piedmont is known for its specialty foods (most notably wine, cheese and chocolate), and you’ll want to bring home a few items to remember your trip by. While customs officials frown down on hauling an aroma-packed aged round of goat cheese through the airport, food is without a doubt one of the best things to bring home from a trip to Piedmont. To avoid airport predicaments, you can buy packaged food, such as Piedmont’s delicately rich chocolates or a bottle or two of local wine.
If you’re looking for presents, we suggest visiting a local food shop or café for an elegant package of Gianduiotti, boat-shaped hazelnut chocolates with gold-colored wrappings. Or, if you have been captivated by the unforgettable aroma of truffles, you can bring home honey or oil with truffles and truffle spreads. Weekend markets in the villages and in the capital of Turin are great places to find antiques, hand-crafted jewelry and Italian glass.

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