Where is the best nightlife in Piedmont?

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Sigrid Lupieri

Before you pack your formal evening gown or tux, remember that nightlife in Piedmont can vary widely, depending on what area you are staying in. As dusk settles over the quiet towns in rural Piedmont, villagers while away the long evening hours by sitting in the central piazza, talking to their neighbors or playing cards at the bar. During summer festivities, however, villages spring to life. From weathered grandmothers to excited children, everyone is out and about enjoying a plate of grilled meat or pasta or trying their luck at the local raffle.
You will find a more sophisticated ambience in cosmopolitan Turin. There, our Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend that you join locals for the 7 o’clock aperitivo (or pre-dinner drinks with hors d’oeuvres) in any of the bars that dot the busy banks of the Po River. After a leisurely dinner, you will find throngs of revelers descending into the city center well after 10 p.m. Though the Murazzi embankment and Docks Dora nightlife area are at the heart of the party scene, you will find unique bars and cafes in the Quadrilatero neighborhood, offering beer or a glass of the famous Piedmontese wines.

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