What are the best bars in Portland?

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  • Jenn Louis

  • Chef, Restaurateur

  • Portland, Oregon, US

I like Club 21. It kind of makes me laugh. It’s an old, old bar — a total old-man bar. I think it was bought by some hipsters and renovated. The hipster scene is fine with me, but I just like it because it’s funny. It’s pretty close to my house. It’s got this old sign that says something like, “Steaks for your enjoyment.” It’s an old neon sign. It’s along the roof and it’s gigantic. Yeah, it’s super cheesy. They did a kind of Wisconsin theme of somebody’s basement as far as the bar. But it’s just nice; they’re really nice there. It’s on the grungier side than nice, but it’s low-key and fun.

Melissa Wilmot

Without even diving into all the fantastic breweries and distilleries that Portland has to offer, we could spend quite some time on our favorite bars. Whether we’re ordering off the happy hour menu, tasting a wine from our own Willamette Valley, or listening to great live music, these are some of our favorites.

Established in 1879, Hubers is Portland’s oldest restaurant. In addition to this claim to fame, this downtown restaurant and bar is known for their signature drink — the spanish coffee, prepared tableside with great flair.

Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub is home of the largest St. Patrick’s Festival in the Northwest. On top of that, they offer great beers and live music year-round.

Take in Portland from 15 floors above street level at Departure’s happy hour. Sitting outside with a cocktail in hand is the best possible way to wind down your day.

Brix Tavern offers a classic tavern vibe in the heart of the Pearl District. In addition to a great selection of beer, wine and cocktails, they’re known for some amazing good ol’ American comfort food. Read: Baked truffle mac & cheese and chicken pot pie.

Blocks from the Rose Quarter and home of the Portland Trail Blazers, Spirit of 77 is bringing the American sports bar back to life. If you’re not there to watch your favorite teams on the big screen TVs, make sure to stop by en route to, or from, a Blazers game.

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