What are the best cultural activities in Portland?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

  • Jenn Louis

  • Chef, Restaurateur

  • Portland, Oregon, US

I’m a big moviegoer; I go to the movies as often as I can. There’s a Fox theater downtown, and they do a really nice job of a balance between art-house films and more mainstream. I tend to go down there a lot. There’s also another called Living Room Theaters, and it’s much more of an art house. They have big comfy chairs, and it’s really nice — they have a little bar in front. They show some great films as well.

Another thing that we have in Portland is Powell’s Books. I think its one of the largest bookstores in the country. Their claim to fame is the “City of Books,” I think they called it. It was like a block large and it was many floors, but now they have lots offshoots. There’s one in another neighborhood called Powell’s Books for Cooks and Gardeners. They have a technical bookstore. They’ve really, really grown and it’s a great store where you can get used, new, all sorts of stuff — it’s gigantic.

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