What are the best places for brunch in Portland?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

  • Jenn Louis

  • Chef, Restaurateur

  • Portland, Oregon, US

Well, Sunshine Tavern, of course. There’s a couple of things: We have a hen egg pizza, and I think that’s delicious. It’s two eggs on pizza with some wild oregano, and I love that pizza. I also love the Monte Cristo. It’s a gigantic sandwich that’s on brioche that’s been totally deep-fried and has a fried egg on top. It’s wonderful.

There’s a couple of places I go for brunch that’s not traditional brunch, I suppose. I really like going out for dim sum. I go to Ocean City Seafood for dim sum. I go to Taqueria Portland — they have a really great pozole and a lamb soup. It’s a bones-in-your-soup kind of thing, it’s rustic and I like that a lot.

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