What is the best thing to bring home from Prague?

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Joseph Reaney

Like most big tourist destinations, Prague is awash with souvenirs like generic T-shirts and novelty pencil holders. However, the city also offers some genuinely wonderful souvenirs. Here are five you’ll want to take home:
1. Bohemian crystal. Famous the world over, this decorative glassware has been made in the Czech Republic since the 13th century. The combination of intricately cut crystal and stunning, handengraved decorations still make it a prized possession today.
2. Marionette puppet. Although marionettes date back to Roman times, it was during the 18th century that the art form really took off — and at the center of the new puppetry revolution was Prague. You can still catch marionette shows in the city today, and then you can buy a puppet to take home as a memento.
3. Garnet. As the official national gem, you will see the deep red garnet stone sold everywhere in Prague — and in a wide variety of forms. Visit the jewelers on Wenceslas Square to find the right cut for you.
4. Antiques. Prague city center has a huge number of secondhand bookshops. And while the large Czech language tomes may not have much appeal to you, they’re worth heading inside to see what else is on sale. You’ll find an eclectic collection of potential souvenirs like ancient regional maps, antique furniture and obscure old sailing implements.  
5. Ice hockey jersey. The Czechs can point to disproportionate success in a wide variety of disciplines, but it’s the ice hockey that really whips the local population into a frenzy. So if there’s any sports memento worth taking home with you, it is a national ice hockey jersey — ideally with the name of the great Jaromír Jágr on the back.

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